New short story collection, Always Sometimes Monsters, now available on Kindle!


House Hunting WINS at Hollyshorts!


Here’s some amazing news: My short film, House Hunting, won 1st Place at the Hollyshorts Film Festival! I couldn’t be more thrilled, and would like to give a huge thanks to everyone else involved with the project. What does this mean for the future of House Hunting? There just might be a huge announcement coming soon…

Oh, and we’ve already received our first positive review! Check it out here, at FANGIRLNATION!

House Hunting Film Trailer!

I’m beyond thrilled to post the trailer for the short film based on my story, “House Hunting.” This film adaptation was written by me (yay!), directed by Patrick Andrew Higgins, and produced by Lamont Cain. Even cooler, it’s going to premier March 19th at the HollyShorts Film Festival… at MANN’S CHINESE THEATER in HOLLYWOOD!

Check it out, and ask yourself… are you really alone right now?


Cuffer Anthology: Volume VI


Hey all,

Just wanted to let everyone know that my short story, “The Trawler and the Lighthouse,” is available in the latest Cuffer Anthology, which features some of the top submissions from The Telegram’s annual writing competition. Read the piece which a reviewer at claimed, “ I confess, it made my guts quake on a visceral level.”

Pick up your copy today!

New Release – Camp Myth: Kraken Fishing



It’s been a long time coming, but I’m thrilled to announce the second book in the award-nominated Camp Myth series is now available! Let me know what you think – hopefully it was worth the wait!


Welcome back to Camp Myth, the only summer camp built exclusively for young mythological creatures.

Having narrowly escaped from their encounter with a wild Phoenix, Felix the Fae, Argee the Cyclops and Moxie the Kitsune decide to spend a relaxing afternoon at Leviathan Lake. But when the trio accidentally plucks a baby Kraken from its watery home, they attract the attention of its monstrous mama!

Featuring over 50 pieces of original artwork, and a new playable race for Camp Myth: The RPG, this adventure is about to get legendary.

Praise for Burnt Tongues


Hey everyone,

Burnt Tongues has been released for just over a month now, and the response has been incredible! Along with positive reviews for the entire collection, I’ve also received messages from several readers who enjoyed (or were emotionally affected by) my piece, Charlie, and I can’t thank those people enough for reaching out. Here’s just a small sample of the buzz that our humble book has been receiving:

Publisher’s Weekly Selection: The Big Indie Books of 2014

…readers will be thrown off balance by the paradoxical culpability and hope of an animal abuser’s redemption in Chris Lewis Carter’s “Charlie.”
-Publisher’s Weekly, starred review.

“This is a book of spores. These stories, you breathe onto the page and they float up into your mucous membranes, their spiky edges lodging characters and voices in your head that shudder to life when you least expect it. Just when you think you’ve closed the book, it opens up all over again, inside you.”
-Stephen Graham Jones, author

“…Chris Lewis Carter’s Charlie recognizes the tortured cat someone drops off as one he himself abused when it was a kitten… Anyone looking for boundary-breaking tales that also pack a haunting, powerful punch will find hours of entertainment here.”
- Booklist

“Dark, subversive and disquieting fiction for readers ready to go all the way down.”
- Kirkus Reviews

“Chris Lewis Carter, you go sit over there, with Jack Ketchum. “Charlie” made me cry in much the same way that “Returns” and “Red” did. If anybody needs me, I’ll be huddling in a blankie fort with my kitties.”
-The Horror Fiction Review

Short Film Announcement: House Hunting

House Hunting-Banner-1

Official Press Release

The internet calls it “House Hunting” – the act of sneaking inside a person’s home and secretly recording their mundane activities. But when this harmless online fad suddenly becomes a national obsession, there’s no telling how far some people will go to shoot the perfect video.

Chris Lewis Carter and Patrick Andrew Higgins, the team behind the upcoming horror film, Kill Screen, unite again with LaMont Cain and Hierarchy Pictures’ horror division, Dungeon Films, to bring this short thriller to life. Written by Chris Lewis Carter, House Hunting explores the true cost of “going viral.” The project is scheduled to begin shooting this fall.

Awards Season


With August officially in the rear-view, I can honestly say that it’s been a pretty eventful month. I turned 30 (which still feels like a typo whenever I write it), Burnt Tongues was released to overwhelmingly positive critical acclaim (including a spot on ”The Big Indie Books of Fall 2014″ list by Publisher’s Weekly), and Camp Myth was a Finalist for two amazing awards.

First, Camp Myth: The RPG was a Top 5 Finalist for Best Family Game at the 2014 ENnie Awards. It was an honor to be selected by the judges and see Camp Myth sitting alongside industry heavyweights like the FATE system. A lot of work went into making sure the game was both fun and faithful to the setting, so it’s super cool to know we made something that resonates with kids and adults. Also, I guess that means I’m an ENnie-nominated game designer now, which also feels like a typo.

Second, the audio podcast of Camp Myth: Phoenix Watching was a 2014 Parsec Awards Finalist for Best Speculative Fiction Story: Long Form, which is basically a fancy way of saying an audio drama that’s over four hours long. The winners were announced last night at DragonCon and, I’ll admit, this was a bit of a heartbreaker, because I was really hoping that Marguerite and the entire Cast of Wonders crew would get the recognition they absolutely deserve for all of the work they put in to the production. We’ll just have to win ‘em over next year with Kraken Fishing :)

Speaking of which, we’re just days away from the release of the second Camp Myth book, and I’ll have another awesome announcement to make tomorrow, so it looks like September is off to a busy start. Thanks for keeping up to speed with my work!

Always Sometimes Monsters now available on Kindle!

Always Sometimes Monsters Cover Small


“Expect the unexpected in this captivating and haunting collection of dark, brutal and often hilarious stories that explore the human condition in all of its depraved d paranoid glory.”
– Richard Thomas, author of Staring Into the Abyss

Admit it, you’re not a good person. Sure, you try to be polite to telemarketers, and you occasionally remember a co-worker’s birthday, but underneath the table manners and forced smiles, you’re barely suppressing the urge to dive headfirst off the straight and narrow. It happens to everyone sooner or later, so why not consider these eighteen (mostly) horrifying tales of succumbing to the darkness lurking within us all.

Find out why some old video games aren’t meant to be played in, “Kill Screen” (soon to be a feature film!) Discover what happens when a cordyceps fungus meant for African Bullet Ants begins to infect humans in, “The Cord.” Learn the five key steps to selling any product (during the apocalypse) in, “Magic Man.” From Sea Monkeys to Professional Wrestling, Tarot Cards to Time Travel, each of these stories prove that we’re never always perfect, but we’re Always Sometimes Monsters.

Kill Screen: The Movie!


HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT TIME! After nearly two years of collaboration, writing, rewriting, negotiating, and generally thinking it would never see the light of day, I’m beyond thrilled to announce that my story, Kill Screen, is being turned into a feature film! I helped write the script, and I’m also slated to write a companion novel that will take place prior to the events of the movie. More news on the book as it develops but, for now, here’s an early copy of the press release that will appear in Variety and The Hollywood Report within the next few weeks.


Hierarchy Pictures Inc. horror division, Dungeon Films, headed up by CEO LaMont Cain and Writer/Producer/Director Patrick Andrew Higgins, will venture into the horror video game genre as they start pre-production on the anticipated horror film, “Kill Screen,” based off the groundbreaking short story written by Chris Lewis Carter. When the popular horror podcast, Pseudopod, introduced the short story on its show, it was overheard by Higgins, who thought it would be a great horror film for the big screen. “When I first heard the podcast for “Kill Screen,” I said to myself, “This is the next “Saw.” I have to find this writer,” said Higgins. Higgins personally contacted Chris Lewis Carter, and they began writing the feature length script for what is now “Kill Screen” the movie, which is set to go into production in June of 2014. “Kill Screen” will be produced by LaMont Cain and Higgins (who will also take on directing duties) of Dungeon Films, as well as Executive Produced by Harvest L. Smith, Allen B. Bates III and Joanna Fang. The filmmakers are also in talks with some up-and-coming stars in Hollywood to form the cast.

Burnt Tongues: Stories


It’s hard to put into words just how excited I am for this collection. Chuck Palahniuk is, without question, one of my all-time favorite authors, so having him select one of my stories to be included here was (WARNING: Incoming Cliché) a dream come true.

So, what do we know about Burnt Tongues so far? Well, it has a pretty great cover, for one. At the risk of sounding completely biased, I really dig the minimalist look here, and think it suits the style and overall vibe of the work featured. Speaking of the work, I’ve read drafts of nearly every story inside, and I don’t think it’s a stretch to call them gut-punchingly powerful. You know the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you’re reading something that you just know you’ll be mulling over in your head for the next week or so? Yeah, that’s practically every few pages here, so get ready for a few sleepless nights.

And if that isn’t enough, what if I told you that you can read the absolutely amazing introduction by Chuck Palahniuk… RIGHT NOW! Just click HERE to visit his official homepage for the entire piece.

Have I sold you yet? Well, why not pre-order a copy right now from Amazon. Or maybe Barnes and Noble.

It’s going to be awesome. Trust me.