• House Hunting – Short Film Trailer
      A young woman is targeted by the participant of a viral craze called House Hunting – the act of sneaking inside a person’s home and secretly recording their mundane activities.
  • Unboxing (Horror – Spec Screenplay)
    Logline: After signing up for Creepy Crate, a monthly horror-themed subscription box, a troubled teen believes she is being haunted.
  • Archon (Supernatural Thriller – Spec Screenplay)
    Logline: Reborn on Earth and abandoned by God, an Archangel’s new life as a disillusioned New York City police detective becomes unraveled while investigating the victim of a Satanic sacrifice.


  • Total Party Kill (Horror/Dark Comedy – Spec Screenplay)
    Logline: A group of friends who share a love of tabletop role-playing are forced to participate in a sinister game where each roll of the dice has real-world consequences for the players.


 Short Fiction

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