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“Expect the unexpected in this captivating and haunting collection of dark, brutal and often hilarious stories that explore the human condition in all of its depraved and paranoid glory.”
– Richard Thomas, author of Breaker and Disintegration

Admit it, you’re not a good perso3d cover kirs 01n. Sure, you try to be polite to telemarketers and you occasionally remember a co-worker’s birthday, but underneath the table manners and forced smiles, you’re barely suppressing the urge to dive headfirst off the straight and narrow. It happens to everyone sooner or later, so why not consider these eighteen (mostly) horrifying tales of succumbing to the darkness lurking within us all.

Find out why some old video games aren’t meant to be played in “Kill Screen.” Discover what happens when a cordyceps fungus meant for African Bullet Ants begins to infect humans in “The Cord.” Learn the five key steps to selling any product (during the apocalypse) in “Magic Man.” From Sea Monkeys to Professional Wrestling, Tarot Cards to Time Travel, each of these stories prove that we’re never always perfect, but we’re Always Sometimes Monsters.